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Transition to Kindergarten

The transition to kindergarten is not a one-time event happening on the first day of school; rather, it begins well before your child enters school and continues during their first year in school.

The child's family, their current preschool program, and the school where the child will attend kindergarten all play an important role in making the transition between preschool and kindergarten smooth and productive for children.

The following family guide provides information on how you can get your child ready for school and enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools:

Choosing Kindergarten for School Year 2021-22

Step 1: Parents of children entering kindergarten (child must turn five on or before September 1) are strongly encouraged to complete the School Request Form or submit your school request online by February 7, 2021.

Step 2: Parents of children entering kindergarten must complete the registration process at their assigned school. This registration can be completed during the District-wide kindergarten registration that begins the week of May 5, 2021, or you may call the school to set up a time.  

When registering, be sure to bring the following to the school:

While you must present these documents before your child can start school, you should submit your request even if you don't have all these documents available.

If you have questions about the enrollment process, please contact us at sps.department@mpls.k12.mn.us or call us at 612.668.1840.
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