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Appealing a School Placement

While Minneapolis Public Schools makes every effort to place all students at their first requested school, schools and programs have limited capacity. Families wishing to appeal their child’s elementary, middle or high school assignment may do so based on the criteria in our appeals process form below. The decisions of the Appeals Committee are final and will be honored by the Student Enrollment Department.

2023-24 K-12 School Assignment Appeal Process Form

High Five Appeals

Due to limited High Five capacity, children who are turning 4 years old by Sept. 1, 2023, and meet at least one of the criteria below are prioritized for enrollment in our High Five classrooms.

Students are prioritized who:
  • Qualify for educational benefits (free or reduced-price lunch) based on family income
  • Are English learners (EL) or have a home language other than English
  • Receive special education services
  • Are designated as homeless or highly mobile (HHM)

If you already requested a High Five but we were not able to place your child, and your child meets any of the above criteria, please reach out to the Enrollment Office at 612-668-1840 or We will change your child’s priority status and work with you to place your child in High Five if space is available.

If your child does not meet any of the criteria listed above, your child will be added to a High Five waiting list and during the summer, we may begin offering remaining High Five openings to students who do not meet the above criteria.

Placement appeals for students who do not meet the High Five criteria will be reviewed; however, students who qualify for the eligibility criteria will be prioritized.

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